About Us

The Fellowship for the Advancement of Interpersonal Relations (FAIR) is a Canadian registered non-profit association operating in the National Capital Region and surrounding area, building on years of facilitation and community mediation experience.


FAIR helps emerging adults think about how to foster a culture of respectful intimacy, to reduce the incidence of sexual harassment and assault in the National Capital Region.


FAIR provides third-party-neutral, non-judgemental, and LGBTQ2-positive facilitators to work with emerging adults in a safe and respectful sharing environment, to listen to their lived experiences with open hearts, and to support their aspirations to create a healthier culture of respectful intimacy by providing them with the knowledge and tools to do so.

Our Approach

FAIR provides a range of educational seminars and facilitation services for local educational institutions and para-scholar groups on topics surrounding romantic and/or sexual intimacy.  Aimed at emerging adults (ages 13-20), FAIR programs promote awareness and provide tools to foster a culture of mutual respect in our romantic and/or sexual relationships and encounters.

FAIR programs use an elicitive approach to group facilitation: content is delivered through a range of interactive group activities that are designed to engage students in discussions on important topics that impact how we perceive and live our romantic and sexual lives, delivered by facilitators trained to model respectful interpersonal communication.  For more information, please refer to the “Culture of Intimacy” program content.

FAIR programs are designed to complement other educational services offered in the National Capital Region and surrounding area: existing programming is available for sexual education, as well as for bystander intervention training, but no other programs exist that explicitly help emerging adults discuss and think about the dynamics that surround our romantic and/or sexual relationships.  For more information, see the “Culture of Intimacy” program inception.

What FAIR does NOT do

FAIR programs are not sexual education (Sex Ed) – they do not explicitly cover material related to sexual identity, methods of birth control, or sexually transmitted diseases.

Meet our Program Facilitator

The Culture of Intimacy program is delivered by our main facilitator, who brings years of experience to the program, as well as a professional training in conflict mediation.

Philippe Mineau

Program Facilitator

Philippe Mineau is an Ottawa native, fully bilingual, with years of professional experience in sustainable development, public policy, youth and adult group facilitation and conflict mediation.

Philippe also brings his extensive experience to the Government of Canada, where he works as a senior policy advisor on Open Data projects, as well as to Community Mediation Ottawa, where he provides his services as a mediator and learning coach.

Next Steps...

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